More blogs to follow

If you missed my last post and are looking for more blogs to follow check out ten more of my favorites HERE! 


1) Shabby Apple a Day Here, you’ll find some lovely bits of inspiration, fashion, and style advice!

2) Awkward Girls Madison and Leslie two best friends who started a blog together!

3) Wearing it Today WIT is a little peek into a stylist’s wardrobe. 

4) Undressed Skeleton a great blog about healthy eating with tons of recipes and tips!

5) Lemon Stripes adventures in stylehealthy cooking, and life as a married young woman in New York City come to play.

6)  Sparkling Footsteps love love love this blog!

7) Cheetah is the New Black a girls inspirations, evolving style, beauty favorites, and travel

8) Happily Grey another awesome style blog that you need to start following if you’re not already

9) The Sweetest Thing another beauty and style blog that you don’t want to miss out on!

10) MerryMerelyMusings Did I tell you my roommate recently made a blog? Start following her here 🙂

****Check out my new About Me page that was just recently added and don’t forget to follow me if you aren’t already Beauty in Everything!!!

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