Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Has anyone started their Christmas shopping yet? Target has the cutest Christmas décor out already!  Last night I made a quick trip there to get coffee and some essentials and left with a couple Christmas decorations from the clearance aisle. I am beginning to brainstorm different decorating ideas when it comes to my Christmas tree. Last year I went with a red and gold theme but am thinking that I will do something different this year to switch it up!

I browsed some of my favorite websites for some Christmas tree decorating ideas and came across so many good ones! You can decorate your Christmas tree using fresh flowers, glass ornaments, metal ornaments that are created in different amazing shapes, umbrellas, tiny Christmas toys and more creative items that you can use for decorating your Christmas tree in a unique way. You can also change the traditional color of the tree from green to other fascinating colors such as black, white, gold and pink.

This year I think I will stick with a more rustic farmhouse Christmas theme. I’ve also discovered that Amazon is great for purchasing in bulk and affordable ornaments if you are sticking to a single color scheme.
There are a couple things that I skipped out on last year that I’m on a mission to incorporate into my decor this year include:  pom pom garland, a tree topper and a banner to hang on the fireplace.  How good are these plaid pillows from Amazon and this plaid throw from Pottery Barn? hmm may have to add these to my shopping cart!

What’s on your holiday shopping list?



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Amazon Registry

I know I’ve expressed my undying Amazon addiction about as many times as I’ve mentioned pumpkin flavored desserts and cocktails around here, but I’m so excited that over the weekend Jake and I decided to use Amazon for our wedding registry!

In case you’re not familiar with how it works, you can register for just about anything anywhere on the internet in a single Amazon Registry list. We love the ease of online shopping and tend to have an Amazon package waiting for us at our door once or twice a week. We figured our guests would like the convenience of picking a gift from Amazon without the hassle of dealing with busy stores and traffic. I wanted to share with you my 10 favorite times on our registry so far:

  1. Cordless Vacuum ah, a cordless vacuum, I need this for our stairs!
  2. Dutch Oven cooking just got a lot more fun with this colorful dutch oven
  3. Farmhouse Kitchen Towels will never go out of style
  4. Pyrex Storage we love tupperware and planning our lunches for the week, these glass containers are great!
  5. The prettiest KitchenAid Hand Mixer
  6. 3 piece spinner luggage honeymoon must have
  7. Colorful and bright Mixing Bowls
  8. Tea Cups & Coffee for your next girls night or brunch with friends
  9. Throw Blanket cozy up this winter by the fireplace with this farmhouse throw
  10. Pantry Organizer


Seriously how cute are these Amazon finds for Farmhouse Décor

Rocking Chair Find

My love for thrift store shopping all started when we first moved into our condo three years ago, and I realized I couldn’t afford to decorate our entire place with brand new furniture. I began searching for inexpensive ways to furnish our house, and soon learned just how many treasures you can find at nearby thrift stores and garage sales.

I’ve transformed a lot of junk in the past few years….old dressers, tables…but my favorite is the chair above that I found on the Facebook marketplace sight for just $20.

Having zero prior experience in using stain or reupholstering furniture, I slowly taught myself how to take a junky old chair and turn it into something worthy of using in my home.

DIY: Crate Side Table

Jake and I were pondering what we were going to do about the in table situation in the living room. The space looks so bare now that we have taken down the Christmas tree that we needed something to fill that spot. After hunting on Pinterest I found a few ideas on making a table out of crates. I loved the idea of having wood crates painted white  to go with the space so I went on a search for some crates. I found the crates at Michaels for $22.99 each, not including the 40% off coupon! These crates were the perfect size and shape however looked way too new. Combining various techniques I found online, I gave the wood a worn white, reclaimed look. This was super easy to do with most of the supplies found in our home already.

Christmas Decor

I’ve always treasured the month of December, since it encapsulates so many things I love and value—spending time with family, long cozy nights, baking, the list goes on. One of my favorite parts of December is putting up the tree and decorating the condo for the Holidays. Here is a sneak peak of all of the decorations so far.

Have a great week!

Printable Christmas Sayings $2.99

Target Holiday Rug $8.99

Lit Copper Joy Sign $25.00

Red Throw Blanket $17.99

Set of 2 Reindeer Pillows $13.99


Amazon: Farmhouse Decor

I absolutely LOVE Rustic Farmhouse Decor! My entire condo is filled with it from head to toe. I have slowly started showing you guys more and more of my home decor! Now I want to share with you where you can purchase some of these fabulous products at affordable prices!

I have a Blanket Ladder in my living room! It is great for housing blankets or magazines and also works well in a bathroom for towels! The White Pitcher is perfect on your counter top for storing utensils and the compass pillow would look great on anyone’s chair or couch!

| Barnwood Ladder $22.90 | Compass Pillow $2.99 | Ceramic White Pitcher $15.99|

Distressed Metal Chairs are on my TO BUY list! Seriously I am dying to replace my current dining room chairs with these beauties, how cute? I love the metal wire baskets for storage and how awesome is this metal windmill clock?

| Distressed Chairs $54.99 | Windmill Clock $18.97 | Metal Storage Basket $13.52 |

This bread box would look amazing in a kitchen with the shutter chalkboard displaying the menu for a week! I love the tin letters I have the E.A.T on my bar cart. Jake thinks he is funny always rearranging them to say “ate” and “tea”.

There are tons of ways to incorporate unique rustic farmhouse items into your everyday home decor but these are just some of my favorite ways to get started!

| BreadBox $43.17 | Chalkboard w/ Shutters $32.99 | Tin Letters $13.50 |

Check out how to DIY home decor to save money:

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