looking back at 2016

This year was a very special one. It was filled with travel and adventure, good friends and food, but most importantly, it was filled with lots of time spent together. We ventured to Greenville SC, Brown County Indiana, Put In Bay Ohio, Gulf Shores Alabama & Bloomington IL for the first time, my best friend got married in June and we spent a weekend in Vegas, Cincinnati & Chicago, I threw Jake a surprise 30th birthday party, found out my cousin was expecting twin girls & we celebrated our 4 year anniversary in June!

I cannot wait to see what the new year has in store, see you in 2017!!!

Two Thousand Seventeen


Apologies in advance for the amount of photos in this post! Christmas season always makes me photo-happy, even more than the other days of the year if you can believe it.

This year things were a little different, we celebrated our Christmas the weekend after on New Years. It was the only time we could all get together with our hectic schedules and it worked out perfectly. My family came up to Indy Saturday morning we opened gifts, went out to Buca Di Beppo for dinner and ended the night at the Slippery Noodle with friends.

i keep feeling like december flew by and we didn’t do anything, and then i look at all of these pictures, and i’m like, oh yeah. we did! haha!

a few photos from both our iPhones of our Christmas/New Years celebration….


Christmas Decor

I’ve always treasured the month of December, since it encapsulates so many things I love and value—spending time with family, long cozy nights, baking, the list goes on. One of my favorite parts of December is putting up the tree and decorating the condo for the Holidays. Here is a sneak peak of all of the decorations so far.

Have a great week!

Printable Christmas Sayings $2.99

Target Holiday Rug $8.99

Lit Copper Joy Sign $25.00

Red Throw Blanket $17.99

Set of 2 Reindeer Pillows $13.99


October 1st


It’s October!! Seriously, where in the world did September go? When the weather cools down, one of the things we look forward to most is puttering around our kitchens trying new recipes with gorgeous fall ingredients! Pumpkin, cinammon and apples always get a lot of love and will be flying off the shelves this weekend. After a summer of travel, it’s the perfect time to welcome your friends over for a festive meal and celebrate the changing seasons.

Grab your favorite cozy sweater, warm up a mug of something delicious and stay tuned for some Fall inspired posts coming up these next couple of weeks!

My Favorite posts from last October:

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Holiday Work Party


As I have mentioned time and time again I truly treasure the month of December. Not only do I love that it’s my Birthday month but it’s most importantly the perfect month to fill your days spent with friends and family together during the holidays!

Each December I look forward to Jake’s work Christmas party at Union Station in downtown Indianapolis. The night consists of catching up with his coworkers, watching people embarrass themselves with their crazy dance moves, eating too much filet, & sipping on strong drinks.

Another fabulous party in the books.


Dress: Express

Shoes: Forever21

Neclace: J Crew



Christmas Cheer

Every year my most favorite day of the year is decorating and setting up for Christmas! As you’ve probably seen on Instagram, we jumped on it a little early this year (as soon as Thanksgiving was over the Christmas decorations went up). It’s such a fun day that I always look forward to! We blast our favorite songs, dance around in our pjs, make seasonal treats and pull out all of our Christmas decorations.

This year Jake and I started a new Holiday tradition of buying each other an ornament  for Christmas each year! It’s going to be so exciting to look at the ornaments years from now and share that memory together!

Holiday Burlap Wreath from Michael’s


An ornament and pine cone assortment





The holidays are my favorite time of year and it’s so much fun bringing friends together. This month for book club we made it a memorable one by having a white elephant gift exchange.

{ Yes, that is a pink unicorn in the middle }

{ December’s book choice: Orphan Train }

{ My white elephant winnings, this adorable Indiana pillow }