DIY Coffee Scrubs

Recently coffee body scrubs have become extremely popular and have become an instagram favorite. Being curious as ever, I automatically wanted to try this amazing exfoliator that tones, tightens and brightens your skin. I started looking online and was finding these scrubs for $20 plus dollars. That’s when I decided to save some money and make my own.


It is so SO easy to make this coffee scrub and after using it a couple of times I can already see results, my skin feels so much smoother and more hydrated. All you need is a bag of ground coffee which costs $4 and some coconut oil which I already had. These will make a load of coffee scrub “cubes” which you just pop out the freezer whenever you would like.
What you need:
 Ground coffee
Coconut oil
Ice cube tray
What you do:
Melt the coconut oil on a low heat
Pour in the ground coffee, the amount depends on personal preference but I added quite a bit
Pour into ice cube tray
Put in freezer
Get out and use them!

Bachelorette party theme: Flamingo Pool Party

Bachelorette parties should be nothing but fun and nothing gets everyone in the party mood like a few cute gifts! My best friend Kari’s bachelorette party is a few weekends away and I wanted to share with you my recent flamingo themed bachelorette party gifts i’ve spotted on the web! How cute are these ideas?

Oversized Balloons and Pool Floats

Buckets and towels


Flamingo drink holders

Sunglasses, Fingernail polish, coozies

Party straws and polka dot glasses



DIY: Crate Side Table

Jake and I were pondering what we were going to do about the in table situation in the living room. The space looks so bare now that we have taken down the Christmas tree that we needed something to fill that spot. After hunting on Pinterest I found a few ideas on making a table out of crates. I loved the idea of having wood crates painted white  to go with the space so I went on a search for some crates. I found the crates at Michaels for $22.99 each, not including the 40% off coupon! These crates were the perfect size and shape however looked way too new. Combining various techniques I found online, I gave the wood a worn white, reclaimed look. This was super easy to do with most of the supplies found in our home already.

How to: String Art

string art.jpg

Supplies Needed to Make Your Own String Art:

small finishing nails
a piece of wood
bakers twine or jute
string art template, sized and printed

Step One:
To create your own string art template, either sketch a simple image that can be filled in with string or create an appropriately sized image using your computer. In the past I have chosen to free hand my letters but it is much easier to tape down your image.

Step Two:
Begin to hammer your nails in place around the outline of your template, if you are using a board. If you are using something softer and can just push your nails or pins in place, you may want to use a bit of glue to hold each in place when you begin to knot your string art. If you are wrapping burlap or fabric around your board, that will need to be done and in place before you add any nails or pins.

Step Three:
Once you have finished placing the nails in the outline of your template, carefully peel off the paper.

Step Four:
Begin your string with a double knot. Once it is pulled tight and will not slip, trim the tail.

Step Five:
There is a wide variety of very neat shapes and string art designs that can be achieved with you can skip nails, go back and forth, etc there are many techniques. Keep going back and forth until your string art is sufficiently filled in. You may want to trace around the edge of your shape with your twine at the beginning or end to make sure your shape is adequately outlined. Finish with another double knot, trimming the end once it is tied in place.


Unique Pumpkin Decorating

We all know how to carve a pumpkin, right? You scoop out all of the goop inside, then carve some eyes, a nose, and a mouth, and then you’re good to go. And while the classic jack o’lantern will never go out of style, it can also get a little boring, year after year.

Halloween is about going all out, and you can’t forget the pumpkins! Take a look at these unique ways to decorate a pumpkin just in time for Halloween. They’ll definitely make you stand out!


Sequin Polka Dot Pumpkinspolka-dots-and-stripesPolka Dots and Stripeswrapping-paperWrapping Paper and Modge Podge


Paint and Glitter




 Donut Pumpkins


Mummy Pumpkin


Amazon: Farmhouse Decor

I absolutely LOVE Rustic Farmhouse Decor! My entire condo is filled with it from head to toe. I have slowly started showing you guys more and more of my home decor! Now I want to share with you where you can purchase some of these fabulous products at affordable prices!

I have a Blanket Ladder in my living room! It is great for housing blankets or magazines and also works well in a bathroom for towels! The White Pitcher is perfect on your counter top for storing utensils and the compass pillow would look great on anyone’s chair or couch!

| Barnwood Ladder $22.90 | Compass Pillow $2.99 | Ceramic White Pitcher $15.99|

Distressed Metal Chairs are on my TO BUY list! Seriously I am dying to replace my current dining room chairs with these beauties, how cute? I love the metal wire baskets for storage and how awesome is this metal windmill clock?

| Distressed Chairs $54.99 | Windmill Clock $18.97 | Metal Storage Basket $13.52 |

This bread box would look amazing in a kitchen with the shutter chalkboard displaying the menu for a week! I love the tin letters I have the E.A.T on my bar cart. Jake thinks he is funny always rearranging them to say “ate” and “tea”.

There are tons of ways to incorporate unique rustic farmhouse items into your everyday home decor but these are just some of my favorite ways to get started!

| BreadBox $43.17 | Chalkboard w/ Shutters $32.99 | Tin Letters $13.50 |

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Recycled Craft: Rake Wine Rack

Over the weekend my parents were getting ready to toss out an old rake that they had from their garage. Before tossing it my mom mentioned seeing some DIY projects on Pinterest and asked if I wanted to keep it. After looking searching online I found that people had used the end part for all sorts of home decorating and decided to give it a shot.

It’s so simple just use the end part of a metal vintage rake in your bar/kitchen area to hang wine glasses. The stem of the wine glass fits between the prongs to hang them easily. Simply paint it out in a color of your choice or keep it rusty like I chose to!

This could also be repurposed for organizing garden tools, kitchen utensils or even displaying jewelry.  What a great idea. Anyway, I like its rusty patina and I’m sure it would make a nice addition to the decor of your lovely home as well!


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There’s an app for that: Ink Cards

I absolutely love sending and receiving mail! I don’t know how it took me so long to discover the app, Ink Cards but last month I downloaded the app and I have been hooked ever since. This app lets you mail chic and personalized greeting cards directly from your IPhone to your recipient’s doorstep. How easy and convenient is that?

It’s cheap too, only $1.99 a card!

Start by choosing from over a hundred customizable designs and add any photo you would like depending on the layout of the design you choose. Next, select the quantity you need and pay for postage. That’s it! Your unique card is mailed out in 3-7 business days. This will be super convenient for Birthdays, Holidays and around Christmas time.

Below are some of the ones I have already sent:

ink cards2

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Decorating Jealousies

Happy Tuesday!

After weeks of packing, traveling, and readjusting to the time difference, this was the first week in a while where I felt the pace return back to normal. It’s great to be back into a normal routine and back to a normal schedule.

Now that our bags are unpacked and our laundry is finally done, I’m looking forward to yet another weekend away at Brown County with my family. We’re heading to Nashville, IN for a weekend getaway full of drinking, shopping, hiking and being outdoorsy. Have a good week and check out my five decorating jealousies from around the web:


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