Packing 101

4 days and I will be off to Vegas!  Whewwww! I hate packing but I’ve become very strategic about it so thought I would share some of my favorite packing tips to help you from over packing and bringing things that are unnecessary! I usually try to follow the 6 tops, 4 pants & 2 dress rule because it works for any type of trip you are taking. 


  • For the six top category think about the weather of where you are traveling to. Vegas is supposed to be 63 degrees the 4 days that we are there. I am going to pack two tank tops (one dressy, one casual) , two short sleeve tops (one dressy & one casual) , and two long sleeve tops ( a dressy and a sweater) giving me options for any type of weather. I am assuming 63 degrees will feel really warm coming from negative degree weather, but during the night it will cool off and be chilly.
  • The four bottoms that I will be bringing are travel pants (sweatpants or some type of leggings), jeans (can be worn during the day or out at night), a skirt (can be paired with a dressy top for the night or dressed down for casual wear) and boyfriend capris  (walking around during the day). Depending on where you are headed, you can never go wrong with a pair of denim shorts, a pair of colored jeans or maxi skirts which all work well in a variety of settings.
    • Next on my packing list is two dresses- Since I am visiting Vegas I may end up bringing more than two dresses. A sun dress is ideal because it can be worn casually during the day or dressed up at night. Also, you can never go wrong with packing a little black dress!


Three additional tips that may be helpful:

1) Remember it’s important to keep your options tonal (choose colors that you can mix and match and layer with other items you are packing).

2) Always plan for the worse- pack a just in case it is cold item there is nothing worse than being freezing and not having a sweatshirt or pants to slip on. 

3) Remember shoes take up a ton of room in your suitcase. Only pack options that are realistic and you know you will actually wear. Make sure you pack one dressy and one comfy pair!


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