I signed up for the Mini Marathon again this May with my cousin Danyelle! My goal is to follow a training schedule this year, finish the race & beat my time from last year! Sometimes it is hard to find time to squeeze in exercising daily but here are a couple helpful tips that I have found. 

Solutions for the Lack of Time to Exercise:

  • Prepare exercise clothes the night before and keep in your bag, by the door or in your car everyday for easy access. 
  • Exercise during commercial breaks, while watching TV. 
  • Exercise on the floor you can perform squats, push ups, lunges and sit-ups.
  • Exercise while waiting for the microwave to bing. Perform squats or sit-ups and see how many you can complete before your food is ready. You will be shocked at how much you can strengthen and challenge your muscles in a few short minutes.
  • Exercise during part of your lunch break. Spend 15 – 30 min of your lunch break walking up & down the stairs of your office building.
  • Exercise while you read/study. Hold the plank or a wall squat as you read. See how long you can hold the exercise (i.e. how many words, paragraphs or pages can you read before you must stop and rest.) Plus, exercise increases energy and will help keep you alert during long study sessions.
  • Remember there is absolutely nothing selfish about making your health and fitness a priority. image

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