October Birthday Celebration

{ Happy twenty seventh birthday to my favorite blonde bestie }
{ Fountain Square + Duck Pin Bowling + Cider Beers }  { Pumpkin Cheese ball + Cream Cheese + Doritos + Festive Treats }
  { Pumpkin decorating + Sparkles + fall décor + crafting }{ Apple Pie + failed attempt + where is the top crust? }
{ Flannel Wearing boyfriend }

Funny fact: when Jake and I moved in together back in May, we started our apartment search in Broadripple. partly because the idea of living near La Piedad excited us to no end, and also because it’s just a terribly fun and charming part of Indianapolis.

We looked at maybe eight different apartments in one afternoon, driving all around town. Finding a 2 bedroom in our budget in the neighborhood was pretty much impossible and I don’t really remember any of the apartments we saw other than the one we are in now because we loved the location so much.

The best part about it is being able to walk to all of the bars, restaurants, and even the grocery store. We’re happy to call it home & we’re so excited to have my parents come visit this past weekend.


Kentucky Derby

Ahh, the Kentucky Derby. I’ve always wanted to throw a Derby party, even though I’ve never been to the actual race. The hats are so fun, the event is quite classy, and why not have a party centered around a 2-minute race?

That gives everyone more time to drink and eat! So, this past weekend Meredith’s sister decided to throw her a derby themed bridal shower, mint julep anyone?

Beer Fest Essential: Pretzel Necklaces

Make pretzel necklaces. This was my first visit to the Winterfest downtown Indianapolis, but my friends had been before. They insisted that we make pretzel necklaces. Serious beer tasting attendees know that pretzel necklaces are convenient for cleansing your pallet in between beer samples, but more importantly, a salty snack.

Basically, you grab some string or baker’s twine and string up a bunch of pretzels before trying it at the ends and hanging it from your neck. Throughout the day, whenever you get a hunger pang or you just want to clear your palette between tastings, just reach down and bite off a pretzel. It reminded me of those candy necklaces we used to have as kids.

There’s a million ways to string them up, so get creative! I even saw people who added string cheese and dipping sauce to their necklace.

The New Year is off to a wonderful start! It has definitely been a quick beginning! The beginning of the year always seems like a blur getting everything organized, planning and putting away everything from Christmas. Basically, it has been chaotic trying to get my life back on track and getting back into a normal work routine.

We started off the first weekend of January with my Birthday celebration. I still can’t believe I am twenty six and now off of my parents insurance. I never thought this day would come ha! Wednesday, my actual birthday, my parents surprised me by sending me these delicious cupcakes at work it was such a wonderful surprise! I ended my night surrounded by my girlfriends, eating a warm brownie covered with chocolate and ice cream and catching up on life.

Saturday we checked out a Mexican restaurant in Fountain Sqaure. Here I tried my first Torta. In Mexico a torta is a kind of sandwich, served on an oblong 15 cm firm, crusty white sandwich roll. Tortas can be eaten cold or hot, grilled or toasted in a press in the same manner as a cuban sandwich or panini. It was amazing!  After dinner we checked out a new distillery in Fountain Square called Hotel Tango. There we drank Moscow Mules and enjoyed the warmth of their fire place!

2015 is great. Even just on day 7… looking forward to the rest of it.

One of the things Jake and I have tried to do more of around the holiday season is spend quality time together.  We have found that we would rather save up for experiences and time together more than just buying each other Christmas gifts.  We are going to set a small limit on what to spend on gifts and try to fill up our winter with several fun date nights and maybe a trip to kick off 2015!


I started compiling a list of things we’d like to do together this year!


10 date ideas for the holiday season!

  1. go ice skating outside (i still haven’t been ice skating how crazy is that? )
  2. make each other a playlist of our favorite christmas music
  3. take a carriage ride downtown while it snows
  4. take a cooking class together
  5. grab a hot chocolate and go see all the christmas lights around Indy
  6. make a christmas ornament together
  7. build a fort out of blankets and sleep inside it
  8. head out to a matinee movie share a large popcorn and large soda that is just so bad for you it’s good!
  9. find snow, go sledding, make an igloo or snowman or have a snowball fight!
  10. Make gingerbread house

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I hope everyone had an amazing weekend and enjoyed the beautiful weather.  I spent Saturday celebrating my best friend since first grade’s birthday. We ended up having an eventful day outside sipping on a beer at The Rathskeller. We proceeded to enjoy some funfetti cupcakes, drink some birthday drinks and ended our night dancing the night away. What a great Birthday celebration!

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