5 Favorite Makeup Buys

At this point, I definitely have too much makeup. Over the years I’ve somehow accumulated a collection of eyeshadows and lip stains and throughout the years I have been trying to get rid of what I can. When I was just out of college, I could fit everything I owned into a small bag.

In the summer, I prefer natural makeup where I can be out the door in under five minutes but as soon as it’s fall, I tend to sway towards a little bit more of a dramatic makeup look. Here’s what my makeup routine looks like this season and my favorite products have been using lately:


Superhero Mascara

Volumizing mascara, this stuff is seriously amazing!

No tug eyeliner

Water proof gel eyeliner

Mac Eye Shadow Palette 

Neutral Smoky Eyes
This palette is filled with shimmery neutrals, 6 amazing brown tone colors

The Nubian by Juvia’s

this palette is great for every day wear and into the night

NYX Total Control

Matte foundation with dropper

What are your favorite makeup recommendations?

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