Wedding Planning: Picking Bridesmaid Dresses

No one told me how hard it was going to be to decide on bridesmaid dresses. Whether you’re having 10 bridesmaids or just your maid of honor, shopping for bridesmaid dresses can be stressful! There are just so many options, fabrics, silhouettes and colors to choose from that the task can be daunting! I spent weeks putting dresses side by side, getting input from my bridesmaids and pinning so many examples on Pinterest.  Last week I finally made a decision on my four bridesmaid dresses!

I originally had sent the girls the picture below for inspiration and told them they could pick a dress similar to the ones pictured and that didn’t end up working out. The dresses were not mixing well together and the patterned dresses did not look good up against my wedding dress.


I opted to choose champagne and blush colors off of and then let each of the bridesmaids pick a different style of dress that they wanted.


I wanted to share with you my best take away tips to bridesmaid dress shopping:

  1. Color– Decide on your color palette for your wedding then decide on the color of your dresses. Since we are getting married in June I knew that I wanted to choose softer/lighter colors. I chose to go with mix and match blush and champagne for the dresses. Remember to be considerate of everyone’s skin tones, I realize that the colors I chose do not look good on everyone’s skin tone, but spray tans are always an easy fix for this!
  2. Silhouettes– Picking different silhouettes is a perfect option for the bride who wants to hold fast to the tradition of everyone in the same color, but also acknowledges the fabulousness that is diversity amongst her bridal party. Remember not every dress style is flattering for every person.
  3. Budget– There are tons of pretty and affordable options out there so just do your research!
  4. Consider the style– If you’re wearing a busy dress with lots of lace, details, and/or beading, keep the bridal party dresses on the simpler side. I had originally planned to do floral bridesmaid dresses but after picking my wedding dress I decided to go with simple bridesmaid dresses to make sure that the two fabrics won’t clash.
  5. Consider the season and the time of day– Pastels probably won’t look right for a fall wedding and long black bridesmaid dresses probably won’t look too great for an early summer wedding. Be sure to keep in mind your surroundings and the temperature.
  6. Forget about finding dresses the ladies will “wear again” the fact is that no matter how pretty the dress is, they will always feel like a bridesmaid wearing it. So choose a dress that you like and they feel good in.

Remember, that while making your bridal party happy is important, this is your wedding and what you think and love matters the most! Your friends are there to stand by your side and encourage your marriage, no matter what dress they are wearing.

Check back next week to find out how to purchase for florals and decor on a budget!

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