Spotify Morning Jams

Ah I don’t know about you but mornings are so tough for me lately. It’s so hard getting out of bed especially now that the weather has started to get chilly and the mornings are so dark. I wouldn’t call myself a morning person at all,  I typically snooze my alarm 2-3 times each morning until I eventually peel myself out of bed. However, once I am up and out of bed I would consider myself pretty productive in the mornings.

So while I have mixed feelings about the mornings, especially weekday mornings, I try to have some sort of noise going while I’m getting ready. I love Spotify and there is nothing better than an energetic playlist to keep me pumped up in the mornings and keep me bopping along while I’m getting ready. I put together a list of some of my favorite songs and hit play as soon as my feet touch the floor. Have you checked out these playlists on Spotify?

Mood Booster

HIIT-POP Workout

Songs to Sing in the Shower

What are your favorite songs right now?


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