Amazon Registry

I know I’ve expressed my undying Amazon addiction about as many times as I’ve mentioned pumpkin flavored desserts and cocktails around here, but I’m so excited that over the weekend Jake and I decided to use Amazon for our wedding registry!

In case you’re not familiar with how it works, you can register for just about anything anywhere on the internet in a single Amazon Registry list. We love the ease of online shopping and tend to have an Amazon package waiting for us at our door once or twice a week. We figured our guests would like the convenience of picking a gift from Amazon without the hassle of dealing with busy stores and traffic. I wanted to share with you my 10 favorite times on our registry so far:

  1. Cordless Vacuum ah, a cordless vacuum, I need this for our stairs!
  2. Dutch Oven cooking just got a lot more fun with this colorful dutch oven
  3. Farmhouse Kitchen Towels will never go out of style
  4. Pyrex Storage we love tupperware and planning our lunches for the week, these glass containers are great!
  5. The prettiest KitchenAid Hand Mixer
  6. 3 piece spinner luggage honeymoon must have
  7. Colorful and bright Mixing Bowls
  8. Tea Cups & Coffee for your next girls night or brunch with friends
  9. Throw Blanket cozy up this winter by the fireplace with this farmhouse throw
  10. Pantry Organizer


Seriously how cute are these Amazon finds for Farmhouse Décor

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