How to: String Art

string art.jpg

Supplies Needed to Make Your Own String Art:

small finishing nails
a piece of wood
bakers twine or jute
string art template, sized and printed

Step One:
To create your own string art template, either sketch a simple image that can be filled in with string or create an appropriately sized image using your computer. In the past I have chosen to free hand my letters but it is much easier to tape down your image.

Step Two:
Begin to hammer your nails in place around the outline of your template, if you are using a board. If you are using something softer and can just push your nails or pins in place, you may want to use a bit of glue to hold each in place when you begin to knot your string art. If you are wrapping burlap or fabric around your board, that will need to be done and in place before you add any nails or pins.

Step Three:
Once you have finished placing the nails in the outline of your template, carefully peel off the paper.

Step Four:
Begin your string with a double knot. Once it is pulled tight and will not slip, trim the tail.

Step Five:
There is a wide variety of very neat shapes and string art designs that can be achieved with you can skip nails, go back and forth, etc there are many techniques. Keep going back and forth until your string art is sufficiently filled in. You may want to trace around the edge of your shape with your twine at the beginning or end to make sure your shape is adequately outlined. Finish with another double knot, trimming the end once it is tied in place.


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