October Workout Challenge

During the month of October my friend Meredith and I are challenging each other to 60 miles of working out for the month. One hour workout classes & an hour on the elliptical are both worth 2 miles on our scale and running/walking are worth the actual number of miles. I put together these plans below in order to meet my goal and stick to a fitness plan for the month of October. I feel much more motivated to workout knowing that we are both trying to reach the same goal.

 Join the challenge, we will continue to increase our goal during the Winter months. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been working out for years, I hope these plans will help you set and attain your goals.

I also highly recommend making charts for your progress! No matter what your goal is- time, distance, minutes run v. walked- find a way to visualize your progress! One of my favorite daily rewards is being able to input my mile times (I’m working on speed) and see how they’re improving run to run! 🙂

Mile Challenge Workout Type Total Miles
1-Oct Rest Day 0
2-Oct Rest Day 0
3-Oct 2 mile run 2
4-Oct 2 mile run & 1 hour kickboxing class 4
5-Oct 1 hour Boot camp class 2
6-Oct 1 mile sprint & 1 hour weight lifting class 3
7-Oct 1 hour elliptical 2
8-Oct 2 mile run 2
9-Oct Rest Day 0
10-Oct 2 mile walk & 1 hour weight lifting class 4
11-Oct 2 mile run 2
12-Oct 3 mile run 3
13-Oct Rest Day 0
14-Oct Spin Class 2
15-Oct 2 mile run 2
16-Oct Rest Day 0
17-Oct 2 mile run & 1 hour Kickboxing Class 4
18-Oct 2 mile run & 1 hour boot camp class 4
19-Oct 2 mile run & 1 hour weight lifting class 4
20-Oct 1 hour Elliptical 2
21-Oct Rest Day 0
22-Oct 2 mile run 2
23-Oct Rest Day 0
24-Oct 2 mile run & 1 hour weight lifting class 4
25-Oct 2 mile run 2
26-Oct 2 mile run & weight lifting class 4
27-Oct 2 mile run 2
28-Oct Spin Class 2
29-Oct 2 mile run 2
30-Oct Rest Day 0
31-Oct Rest Day 0
October Monthly Mileage Total 60



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