Improving your Health


Here lately I’ve been trying to put more of a focus on living healthily. It’s definitely not always easy for me, but I’ve found that making small, manageable lifestyle changes work so much better than going from one extreme to the other.

Here are some of the things I’ve been doing differently that I highly suggest for anyone interested in being a bit healthier, there is always room for improvement right?

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate
Swap regular and diet sodas for fruit-infused water, La Croix is my favorite!
Change all of your grains from enriched white flour to 100% whole wheat
Instead of denying yourself certain foods and treats, just cut your portion sizes in half
Try to eliminate as much sugar and processed foods as possible

Get moving! Always opt to walk instead of ride whenever you can, take the stairs!
Take up a sport or hobby that is physical but fun, like dance classes, volleyball, or hiking
Make it a goal to thoroughly clean one area of your house each day instead of coming home and relaxing all night. Remember to stretch!
Plan activities with friends and loved ones that include some form of physical exertion, like going for a walk and catching up
If you sit at a desk all day like me remind yourself to get moving once an hour, I make a lap around the office every hour to go to the bathroom and fill up my water bottle
Whenever you are out with your friends, dance 🙂

Do something every day that truly makes you happy
Spend time with those you love and who love you most
Always try to see the positive in everything
Make taking care of yourself a priority
Get enough sleep

What lifestyle habits do you have that promote healthy living?

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