Gulf Shores

Last week Jake and I traveled to Gulf Shores Alabama for a week long beach vacation. The beaches were so clean, the area is beautiful and most importantly, Gulf Shores offers tons of activities for all ages! For the most part our trip was relaxing filled with eating, drinking, shopping and enjoying the beach.

With that being said, here are my favorite memories from Gulf Shores (notice it’s heavy on the food…yum!)

  1. The Beaches – The beaches were pristine, way cleaner than the beaches in Florida. The sand is gorgeous-perfectly clean and white

2. The Hangout – The atmosphere was awesome. The Hangout is located right on the beach and has that cool vacation-y vibe. Good drinks and live entertainment on the beach…what could be better?


3. Lambert’s is a popular restaurant in the South with a menu full of comfort food. Be prepared to wait an hour or two to be seated but it is definitely worth the wait. They bring pass-arounds and throw rolls to each table before you order your meal.

3) Crab Hunting- At night the beaches are completely lit up with flashlights from people crab hunting. We took our nets, buckets and flashlights hitting the beaches each night to find these little guys after dark.

4. Oysters – So I’ve eaten quite a few oysters in my life but Papa Rocco’s were by far the best i’ve ever had despite their motto ” Warm Beer and Lousy Pizza”. Known for their oysters and pizza, this place is a must!



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