Danyelle’s Bachelorette Party


I am a week late on this post but it’s too good not to share!  We celebrated the bride-to-be all last weekend! My best friend/cousin Danyelle is getting married in October and since most of her friends and family still live relatively close to Indiana we decided a lake bachelorette party in Angola, IN close to where our hometown was the perfect location for her party.

Only a few girls were able to make it up for the entire weekend so we started off Friday by drinking way too early waiting on everyone else to get off of work. We played heads up & loaded questions, took a paddle boat ride and ended our night at Club Paradise dancing the night away (we had some pretty crazy dance moves and way too much fun with the selfie stick)!

Everyone else started arriving at the lake in the morning on Saturday as the rest of us were struggling to wake up and put on our swim suits. Everyone arrived just in time for her friend shower where she was showered with tons of great gifts, sipped mimosas and had some great conversations catching up.

We spent some time in the sun, but got rained out early afternoon. We weren’t about to let a little rain dampen our spirits and quickly moved our little beach party indoors to the pool. We opened her bachelorette gifts then started to get ready for dinner and a night out on the town!

And that was our night in a nutshell (minus the 3 a.m. ransacking of tortilla chips, pizza, desserts and dips)


It was a fun weekend with some fabulous girls and I can’t wait for Drew and Danyelle’s big day on October 17th!!

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