Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

annie sloan

I had an old wooden table and 2 wooden chairs from my Grandma and I really wanted to paint them white. I decided to go with Annie Sloan Old White Chalk paint since I had heard such great things and everyone I had talked to had amazing results. Start by prepping your furniture. That means simply wipe off the dust and putty any imperfections. This is why i absolutely love this paint there is absolutely no prep work!

annie sloan chalk

A few things I learned along the way that may help you with your first project: this paint dries way more quickly than normal paint. Don’t keep going over and over the paint like I did or it will become clumpy. Brush it on and leave it! If you want to do more than one coat, let it dry first before applying your second coat.

annie sloan paint

Next step, waxing. I used clear wax, but you can also get tinted wax this will go on the top of your piece once you are finished painting. If you want to sand your piece you need to do that before applying the wax.

Once you wax, you’ll loose that chalky feel to the paint, and you’ll get a nice, matte finish.

Take your brush and dip it into the wax. The wax goes along way so just start out with a little bit. Just dab and rub the wax over the entire thing.

Then using a cloth rub the excess wax off. That’s it! How easy is that?


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