Healthiest/Unhealthiest Nutrition Bars

The other day while eating a Luna Bar for breakfast, I sat & wondered to myself  is this even healthy for me? That’s when I decided to do a little research & look into the ingredients of the most popular nutrition bar. Below is my list of the 3 healthiest nutrition bars and the 3 least healthy bars out on the market. I found out that I wasn’t making the healthiest choice and the nutrition bar I was choosing for energy was actually filled with vitamins that would slow me down as a result.

Healthiest Bars


1. Blueberry Pecan + Fiber: This bar contains10-ingredients made with almonds, blueberries, honey, and brown rice. It’s low in protein only 3 grams, but Kind bars are a clean bar that gives you a boost of energy!


2. If you’re looking for a bar filled with protein and fiber this one has 17g of fiber and 20g of protein and only170 calories. It’s filled with healthy ingredients: almonds, coconut, sea salt, and whey protein, this one fills you up!


3. This one is the perfect combination of sweet and salty. Containing14g of carbohydrates, which gives you the perfect amount of energy.



1. Come to find out my breakfast bar was filled with hard to absorb vitamins (like Vitamin D2) that slows your body down.


2. Clif Bars are intended for endurance athletes who need to climb a mountain or run a mini-marathon. Not for someone who is just going to yoga or spin class for an hour. Brown rice syrup is the main ingredient found in the Cliff bar and the company uses soy protein, which is known for causing digestive stress, inflammation, and thyroid problems.


3. This bar is low in protein and fiber and has a high number of calories. This is not intended for a snack it’s a meal replacement unfortunately this doesn’t keep you full as long as you would think.

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