Monday Motivation: Eat Breakfast

My favorite meal of the day without a doubt is breakfast! We have heard it time and time again that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and we shouldn’t be skipping it, ever! My all time favorite breakfast is a piece of toast, two eggs and half an avocado. Not only is this delicious in the mornings but it all keeps me satisfied until lunch. Check out some of the reasons below you should be eating breakfast and my favorite overnight oat combinations.


1. For me the number one reason I like eating a healthy breakfast is because it gets me on track for making healthy food decisions for the rest of the day! When I eat healthy first thing in the morning I am way more likely to make healthier choices for lunch and dinner.

2. Boosts your energy. Having breakfast as soon as you wake-up gives you more energy and eventually, maybe we won’t rely on that cup of coffee. Pfft.. I eat breakfast and still have my coffee.

3. Boosts you metabolism.

4. Improves your mood. Surprisingly, our moods are directly linked to the foods we eat, and the exercise we do. By feeling energized, relaxed, and less-stressed your body will feel at ease therefore improving your mood (making it very consistent).

5. Weight-loss. The idea of eating breakfast is that it controls your appetite and keeps you full allowing you to eat smaller portions for lunch and dinner.

6. Enhances your overall health.

So, the best ideal breakfast would be eggs or oats, with fruits such as berries. CLICK HERE to see my favorite Overnight Oats recipes.

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