Beer Fest Essential: Pretzel Necklaces

Make pretzel necklaces. This was my first visit to the Winterfest downtown Indianapolis, but my friends had been before. They insisted that we make pretzel necklaces. Serious beer tasting attendees know that pretzel necklaces are convenient for cleansing your pallet in between beer samples, but more importantly, a salty snack.

Basically, you grab some string or baker’s twine and string up a bunch of pretzels before trying it at the ends and hanging it from your neck. Throughout the day, whenever you get a hunger pang or you just want to clear your palette between tastings, just reach down and bite off a pretzel. It reminded me of those candy necklaces we used to have as kids.

There’s a million ways to string them up, so get creative! I even saw people who added string cheese and dipping sauce to their necklace.

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