2015: Travel More


                                 { Cozumel, Mexico 2014 }

Use 2015 as a year to travel more! Money always finds a way to replenish itself; experiences can never be bought. So travel, see the world. Learn about people, learn about cultures. Learn about yourself. Be changed.

Here are some reasons below that you should travel more this year even if your funds are running low:


                                 {Asheville, NC The Biltmore }

Travel forces you to solve problems: Traveling to another country allows us to pick up new skills that your normal life would never allow: My first trip out of the country to the Bahamas with my family made me realize how connected with constantly have to be. Not being able to use our phones to text, call or check the time was a refreshing change.


                                       { Sedona, Arizona }

Travel allows you to appreciate what you often take for granted: On our 30 minute bus ride in Progresso Mexico I stared out the window and couldn’t believe all of the tiny houses and homeless people on the side of the roads. This made me realize just how fortunate my own life is.


                                  { Bourbon Street, New Orleans}

Travel helps you learn stuff about yourself: Travel teaches you a lot about things you like and things you don’t like. It teaches you how you react in stressful situations. It teaches you what kind of people you get along best with and how much sleep you can actually function on.


                                 { Myrtle Beach, South Carolina }

Travel causes you to break habits:  In our normal lives we are in such a constant routine. We wake up at the same time, work at the same time, eat the same foods and go to bed at the same time. Without change, we become robotic.  Travel allows us to re-set ourselves and have a change of pace from our daily monotone life.


                                                   { Bahamas }

Travel shows you the world is much, much greater than yourself: Even though I don’t live in one, I always love visiting big cities like Chicago, because it reminds me of just how gigantic the human population is. Traveling opens your eyes to just how many people there are in the world.


                                                 { Miami }

Travel teaches you to be less judgmental: Traveling helps you become more open minded to different religions, cultures and traits. It makes us less likely to judge people for living their lives in different ways than we choose to live ours.

                                               { Las Vegas }

Travel enhances your illusions of the world: We can always look at pictures, and we can always watch videos, but actually being in places is a completely different experience

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