Make a small space feel bigger

Maximize your windows. Drape your windows in a way that allows for maximum light—a bright room makes an apartment feel bigger—try hanging a mirror nearby to reflect light into the room


Focus on going up rather than out. Stacking is key to making a room feel bigger.


Choose simple furniture. I have found that furniture with simple and spare lines makes a tiny apartment feel roomier. Darker colors make things feel cozy and closer in. Keep your décor on the lighter side to make the space feel larger.


Remove closet doors. Closet doors that swing into a room take up considerable floor space. Take the doors off and ask your landlord to store them.


Reduce clutter- get rid of unused items and organize.


Keep bedding simple. Simple bedding is easier on the eye and makes the apartment look bigger

Embrace under-the-bed storage. Use the space under your bed to keep winter clothes, extra blankets and your luggage you use once or twice a year.


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