Give scrapbooking a chance

This Christmas Jake and I set a fifty dollar budget to spend on each other for Christmas. Instead of buying him a shirt or two I decided to make him something a little more meaningful, a scrapbook of all of our adventures so far in these last two and a half years. During high school I loved to scrapbook and none of my friends were into it at all. While making this scrapbook it reminded me of how much I really do love printing pictures and organizing them on a colorful page. If you haven’t tried scrapbooking you should give it a shot! Here are a few reasons you should give scrapbooking a chance:


Your photos deserve home. Scrapbooking makes a home for all of these meaningful memories. It motivates me to get organized and is a great way to look back and reflect on wonderful memories that would have been forgotten.  When Jake saw the scrapbook his initial reaction was “Wow, I forgot how many awesome things we have done together” this is such an easy way for you to flip through one day and remember all these great times together that are happening way too fast.


Memories change over time. Having a scrapbook allows you to read and remember what you thought or felt or experienced at that time.


Scrapbooking will make you a better photographer. Just like when I am blogging. I take way more photos when I know I want to blog or scrapbook a specific event or moment. Scrapbooking will motivate you to take more photos of the important stuff (like your family!)


Making scrapbooks will help you feel thankful and reflect.  When I made our two year scrapbook, I had the best time remembering our first date, our first Christmas, our vacations, and our one year anniversary trip to Arizona. Taking the time to make the scrapbook helped me reflect on these happy memories and be really thankful for them.


Scrapbook to be creative. Scrapbooking can be a creative outlet, no doubt.Scrapbook as a gift to your family. They are one of the most precious gifts you can ever make for your loved ones.

imageScrapbooking is really really fun. My advice is just try it, it’s a lot of fun!

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