Happy 2015 & Happy January 1st! You know what this means? Everyone is going to start hitting the gym today, eating tons of vegetables, and drinking tons of water. How long will this last? Statistics say that only 10% of people stick with their resolutions throughout the entire year (not good odds, folks!).  I have always been torn about setting a New Year’s resolutions because they sound like a good idea but usually turn into these unrealistic challenges we create for ourselves.

Instead of beginning the upcoming year with energy and enthusiasm, I end up dreading my new goals of losing weight and cutting back on sweets. This year I will vow to start the year on a more positive note celebrating and appreciating the little moments instead of focusing on changes I should or need to make.

Here are a few things I look forward to doing this year:

  • climbing back into bed on the weekends without feeling guilty
  • Read more books and watch more news
  • spend more time outside 
  • eat breakfast for dinner
  • declutter and organize more
  • take more day trips
  • less texting, more calls
  • go to church more regularly
  • stop sweating the small stuff
  • help a stranger
  • get dressed up more often wear heels more freguently
  • say yes more often
  • volunteer
  • floss more often

2015 is going to be an awesome year, I can feel it.


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