These DIY gift baskets ideas make the perfect gifting option for any budget, and are great to have on hand for family and friends. Use the suggestions in this post to start, or create your own filler items for a unique theme.

For my Grandma: Pampering Basket

  1. fingernail polish
  2. lotions
  3. nail polish remover
  4. foot scrub
  5. puzzle
  6. loofa 
  7. weights
  8. clear top coat
  9. fingernail file

For the guys: Hot sauce basket

  1. Mixing bowl
  2. tons of hot sauces
  3. spatula
  4. tongs
  5. spices
  6. bread crumbs

For all the bloody mary lovers out there:

  1. Pickles
  2. stuffed olives
  3. hot sauce
  4. vodka
  5. bloody mary mix
  6. toothpicks

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