One of the things Jake and I have tried to do more of around the holiday season is spend quality time together.  We have found that we would rather save up for experiences and time together more than just buying each other Christmas gifts.  We are going to set a small limit on what to spend on gifts and try to fill up our winter with several fun date nights and maybe a trip to kick off 2015!


I started compiling a list of things we’d like to do together this year!


10 date ideas for the holiday season!

  1. go ice skating outside (i still haven’t been ice skating how crazy is that? )
  2. make each other a playlist of our favorite christmas music
  3. take a carriage ride downtown while it snows
  4. take a cooking class together
  5. grab a hot chocolate and go see all the christmas lights around Indy
  6. make a christmas ornament together
  7. build a fort out of blankets and sleep inside it
  8. head out to a matinee movie share a large popcorn and large soda that is just so bad for you it’s good!
  9. find snow, go sledding, make an igloo or snowman or have a snowball fight!
  10. Make gingerbread house

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