Weekend Workouts


Do you workout five days a week and take the weekends off? That is my normal routine. I work Monday through Friday, eight hours a day and I am normally completely exhausted but still manage to make it to the gym  every night. Most of the time I force myself to workout during the week and then crash on the weekends. It would make more sense to take off two days during the week when you’re tired and workout on the weekends.

Here are five good reasons to workout on the weekends. 

  1. You can still sleep in and workout on your time.
  2. Working out on the weekend will help you make healthier choices throughout the day. 
  3. Working out puts you in a better mood.
  4. If you feel like indulging on a Saturday night or Sunday meal, you won’t have any guilt. 
  5. It’s hard to come up with excuses not to workout on the weekend. 

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