Christmas Shop on a Budget

I don’t know about you, but my favorite thing about the Christmas season is surprising my family and friends with great gifts. Everyone wants to buy the perfect Christmas gifts for their family and friends but unfortunately, most of us do not have an unlimited budget. This year I have come up with a list of tips I follow each year in order to cut costs during the Holidays while still making sure everyone gets a great gift.

Shopping Tips

1. Plan Ahead. The first thing I always do is start early! Start saving, shopping and budgeting early to eliminate stress. The main way to prevent stress is by shopping all year round instead of waiting until the last minute. You can shop on sale racks, stock up on clothes, toys and household gifts all year round.

2. Holiday Essentials. Buy your holiday items such as wrapping paper, bows, ribbon and ornaments in January when they all go on sale.

3. Shop online. You can try comparison shopping website, they can help you find the best price for new items and you won’t even have to get off of couch.

4. Tap into your creative side. This tip is my favorite making your own gifts is not only fun but it’s affordable. You can make personalized tote bags with fabric paint, knit hats and mittens, create gifts out of jars, make your own coasters, decorate picture frames etc. The ideas are endless. And the results will be personal, thoughtful one-of-a-kind gifts.

5. Show off your inner photographer with great photo Christmas gifts if you really are on a budget. Photo calendars, mug covered with photos, a scrapbook, a collage or a framed photo. All you need to do is to be creative and start making personalized photo Christmas gifts.


{ Tutorial on how to make your own coasters to give as a gift }

Christmas Budgeting Tips

1. Create a gift notebook or spreadsheet. You need to list gift ideas for everyone on your list and keep track of what you have already purchased and how much you have spent on each individual. 

2. I always ask my family to come up with a Christmas list so that I am buying them items that they will actually use. 

3. I always love stocking up on “go to gifts”. Candles & lotions are a good option. The reason behind this is that you will never have to get a gift at the last minute.


Other tips on how to save:

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