How to Wear Chambray

If you haven’t received the memo, chambray tops are another must have piece this fall. I am talking about those fabulous denim button-ups that you have been seeing everyone wearing around.  A chambray top is surprisingly versatile and can be worn a lot of different ways. I have three in my closet and I feel like I can throw it on with no effort and it looks good. But how are you supposed to wear a chambray? Below are 10 different ways that this type of shirt can be worn. 

November 6th: Today I am thankful for warm clothes, cozy blankets and the changing seasons.


1) Pair with any colored denim


2) Wear with patterned pants


3) With a maxi skirt


4) With a pair of leggings


5) throw a vest over the top


6) Layer it up


7) Toughen it up with leather


8) Put it with a flannel shirt


9) Throw it over a dress


10) Tied around your waist


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