How to Make the perfect Wall Collage

I have been wanting to start gathering wall decor to decorate a wall in our new apartment come May. The idea is to hang a collection of fun art and frames that I have been collecting this year. 


The first step is to of course paint your old frames that you have laying around or that you have found at a thrift store.  I used chalk paint but you could also brush on acrylic paint.  I have chosen to paint the frames yellow and grey to go with my grey and white striped duvet. 


The next step is to order some sayings or art to put inside the frames unless you plan on making an open frame collage. I ordered two chalkboard prints below to add the the frames off of


I hardest part is going to be when I decide to hang the frames and make the wall collage. One of the biggest mistakes people make when hanging something on the wall is they hang it too high. Pictures should be hung at eye level and the average eye level is 57″ from the ground.  With a collage like I am doing have the middle of your collage be at eye level. More pictures to come once I have a wall to hang the collage on. 

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