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What are you up to this weekend? My best friend Kalyn is celebrating her golden birthday tonight and I couldn’t be more excited to spend the day with her. We have been best friends since 1st grade, went to different colleges and both ended up living in Indianapolis.  She is not only an amazing friend but a great person and I am so happy after all this time I can still call her my best friend. Cheers to 26!

 As Anne of Green Gables said, “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” I am excited to go outside and enjoy this 70 degree fall day! Have a wonderful weekend, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

1) 10 things to do when you first wake up

2) How to master the J. Crew beauty looks

3) The perfect piece of toast

4) 10 pretty wallpapers

5) A guide to the perfect power nap

6) Is the tea the new coffee?

7) 12 clever ways to enjoy art in the kitchen

8) Homemade mocha nutella recipe

9) 10 favorite fall candles

10) Everything you need to know cooking blog

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