Tips on Being more Productive

1. Mess creates stress. Use Sunday as a day to clean out the clutter and organize your house/apartment making the following work week less hectic.

2. Sell your TV. You’re just watching other people get successful versus doing the things that will get you to your dreams.

3. Run routines. Follow strict daily routines. It’s important to wake up at the same time everyday, start work at a consistent time, exercise and the same time and relax at the same time everyday. 

4. Wake up early; waking up early gives you a lot more time in the day to be productive and get your life in order

5. Don’t say yes to every request. Most of us have a deep need to be liked. I am definitely guilty of over committing myself during the week instead of saying no.  That translates into us saying yes to everything – which is the end of your productivity for the day because you get out of your routine.

6. Get fit. Getting to your absolute best physical condition will create a ton of energy, help you focus and increase your creativity.

7. Drink more water. When you’re dehydrated, you’ll have far less energy. And get less done. Drink up!

8. Work in 90 minute blocks with 10 minute intervals to recover and refuel. You need to take breaks throughout the day to regain your focus.

9. Use your commute time. If you’re commuting 30 minutes each way every day – get this: at the end of a year, you’ve spent 6 weeks of 8 hour days in the car. Use this time to make calls, listen to a book or schedule appointments. Remember, the fastest way to double your income is to triple your rate of learning so might as well be learning during this extra hour a day.

10. Get things right the first time. Most people are easily distracted these days. And so they make mistakes. Get it flawless the first time around. This saves you days of having to fix problems.


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