Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, everyone! How’d your short week go?

For once it wasn’t too big of an adjustment coming back to Indy after visiting my parents over the weekend.  I can be quite lazy at times but this time I was adamant about unpacking the second I got home instead of putting it off. Otherwise my vera bradley bag becomes a permanent object in the corner of the bedroom collecting dust!!

I am ready for a fun weekend ahead relaxing in Indy. With a thai and red box date night on Friday and a volleyball tournament on Saturday! Have a great weekend!

Here are a few of my Friday favorites from around the web:

1) 9 things no one tells you about being a grown up

2) How your name affects your success

3) Rules of Life printable

4) White Printed Lace Top- adorable

5) At home one dumbbell workout

6) Hello Wood wall decor

7) Quinoa Cranberry Almond grilled Chicken salad

8) Pumpkin Twinkies with Cream Cheese Marshmallow filling

9) Outdoor Fall Lanterns

10) DIY Rustic Industrial Chalkboard

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