Bridesmaid Mix & Match

I personally love  the idea of selecting a color and then having your bridesmaids wear a style within that same color family. For example, take a look at the neutral bridesmaid dresses below. Notice how the shade of pink is different and so is the style? And yet they still look great together? So lovely! Am I right? With all of these weddings coming up next Summer I know one of the biggest decisions is the color scheme and what dresses to put your bridesmaids in.
imageSo I have decided to dedicate a post on how to choose your favorite bridesmaid dresses!

An earthy neutral color palette is a great way to give your wedding day a rustic theme but still keep it elegant. I love the idea of bridesmaids wearing the same color, but different styles. Which is also a great option and a fun little added touch to your wedding look. This is a great way to add a little uniqueness to each friend’s attire and let them pick a style they are comfortable in since everyone has a different shape and size!

I can totally see myself wearing one of these dresses to a wedding as a guest even! Below are the five C’s for choosing the perfect bridesmaid dresses:
imageComfort: Consider mobility and ease. And don’t forget to keep the weather in mind! You want all of your guests to enjoy themselves at your wedding, especially the ladies who have been helping you out over the past months. You want them to be able to dance and move around all night! You don’t want to put them in a long dress in the dead heat of August if it’s an outdoor wedding or vice visa for a shorter style dress in zero degree temperature.

Cost: Does it fit in the budget of all your bridesmaids? Try to gauge each personal budget by asking how much each friend is looking to spend, or at least decide on a dress that you can see the ladies wearing again so they are able to get multiple uses out of it.

Complexion: Have you considered color? You wouldn’t put a redhead in an orange dress. Try choosing a color that will suit all types in your bridal party and matches all of their hair and skin tones.

Contour: Not all bodies are the same, and you shouldn’t expect your bridesmaid party to all fit nicely into the same dress. Consider choosing the color, and letting the bridesmaids pick the cut that fits their body-type best.

Contrast: Will the guests be able to tell the bridal party from the rest of the crowd?

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