Part 1: What to Buy at Aldi

My love affair with the discount grocery chain began during my first few weeks out of college on my own. My roommate Kalyn and I were just out on our own, broke, starting new jobs and trying not to pay a lot for groceries.  She had shopped there while going to college at Ball State tipping me off on how much she saved by shopping at Aldi vs shopping at Kroger.

I was delighted when I discovered that the food did indeed exceed my expectations and everything I have tried so far has been good quality. Check out my list of real, whole foods that I purchase every time I step foot into the store. My favorite brand that I always try is their Fit and Active Brand.

My Aldi Grocery List:

Raw Almonds: $3.15
Pistachios $2.99
Avocados (sometimes for as little as $.49 each!)
Granola- Coconut chia seed & pumpkin flaxseed: $2.75
Fresh Spinach: $2.60
Cottage cheese: $2.50
Spicy Guacamole: $2.19
Eggs: $1.09
Salsa: $2.25
Olive Oil: $1.99
Coffee (Keurig K-Cups): $3.40
Chicken breast: $6.49
Pasta: $.99
Wheat bread: $.89
Almond Milk: $2.58
Pineapple: $1.69
Cereal: $.99
Dried cranberries: $1.19
Greek yogurt: $2.55
Cheese: $1.79
Cucumbers: $.49
Baby carrots: $.99
Broccoli: $1.49
Green peppers: $1.69
Hummus (Roasted Red Pepper) : $1.69
Pita chips: $1.99

So there you have it those are my current Aldi recommendations. I haven’t tried everything in the store, so I can only recommend items that I have tried and considered good quality but I hope this might help you out in some way.

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