A Quarter Century Old

I’m definitely getting to that age. The late twenties, not quite 30 age. The age when every weekend seems to be an engagement party, a wedding proposal or an actual wedding. There has even been a few friends who have reached the baby-stage so it is starting to become very obvious that we are all growing up. I don’t find it necessarily scary that we’re getting old but maybe that’s because it’s not happening to me. When weddings are as relaxed as the one we went to this weekend, it definitely makes the whole committing for a lifetime and saying I do thing much more inviting and enjoyable.

Saturday night I went to my best guy friend Chaz’s wedding. We danced. I am glad I was advised to wear casual attire or my feet would have been blistered. 

After a lot of dancing, catching up with old friends and a few trips to the cheap bar, we enjoyed some BBQ as the main entrée. At almost 12pm we played cornhole, sat by a bon-fire, popped jello shots in our mouths and danced to Country Fried.


So the moral of the story is that you really shouldn’t be scared of getting married for the fear of planning a wedding, because it can be as simple as using someone’s backyard, wearing a simple white dress from J. Crew, getting your friends and family to bake cakes & cupcakes, getting creative and making all of your own decorations out of stuff you already have around the house, and making your own homemade sangaria and vodka concoction.


As for me, all i’ve got as far as deciding is that I am not really sure how my dream wedding would be, we could possibly just have a massive party, all the alcohol will be free, with a photobooth, tons of donuts and some kind of food served.  If you’re married, would you do anything different?


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