How to Bloody Mary Bar


Give me a loaded Bloody Mary or give me mimosa because when it comes to brunch, I want more, more, more. A loaded Bloody Mary is my ideal Sunday morning after a long weekend, the spicier the better in my opinion. Snacking on all of the extra trimmings while I wait for my actual meal to arrive is kind of a necessity. I mean, it’s almost lunch. 

Add a salad to your Bloody Mary




Cucumber slices

Kosher pickle spears

Pimento or cheese stuffed green olives

Pickled beans and asparagus

Pickled okra

Pickled beets, cauliflower or carrots

Pickled jalapeños

Pepperocinis, peppadews or other peppers

Large caper berries

Marinated artichoke hearts

Marinated pearl onions

Baby corn

Add Tons of Flavors to your Bloody Mary

garlic powder

celery salt

crushed red pepper

black pepper sauces

Worcestershire sauce



crumbled bits of bacon


beef jerky

Frank’s hot sauce



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