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I have so many favorite blogs, many of which are very well known like Rockstar Diaries & Cupcakes and Cashmere  but some of my “must follow gems” are a bit less known but absolute “follow musts” so I wanted to dedicate this post to other blogs you may want to start following. In December I posted my first post with my favorite fashion and food blogs! In the past I have posted links to a few of my favorite daily reads so if you missed these check them out HERE! I hope you will love them as much as I do!

1) Nishaantishua travel blog by Freya who started life on a beach in Bermuda she now lives with her soon to be husband Adam and their dog Molly. 

2) SpruntingCatherine a writer from London with tons of frugal recipe ideas and inspiration from her daily life.

3) Sweet Thing Blog– Jessie a photographer living in Los Angeles whose blog is all about fashion, photography & interior design.  

4) Everyday Musingsphotographer named Olivia residing in Charleston, SC.

5) Wish Wish Wish– love love love this blog by a girl named Carrie living in London. If you like cats, ‘60s dresses and junk food as much as I do, then you need to start following her!

6) The Velvet Bird– a blog by vanessa who loves sewing, photography, coffee, baking, natural things, exercising, animals and vegetables. Her blog is adorable!

7) Tulips & Rain– Tulips & Rain is a blog with tons of  tasty treats, DIYs and lots of pretty things

8) Le Stylo RougeKansas-City based fashion blog

9)  The Style Lettersa style & fashion blog by Maria

10) Desire to Inspirean interior design blog with tons of creative ideas for any type of home!

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