Last Mother’s Day I ordered my mom a six month subscription to Birchbox. What girl wouldn’t love getting a package at her door once a month filled with girly goodies? (Hint hint boys, this is a good gift for women of all ages) She loved all of her Birchbox surprises and would send me pictures of her box each month. Now that her 6 months is up she has decided to try the Ipsy! What’s the difference and similarities of the two beauty boxes?

-both at $10.00/month
-both send 4-5 products, typically sample sized but sometimes full size
-both are personalized based on your beauty profile

-Birchbox leans towards the skincare/body care end of things while Ipsy leans almost entirely on the makeup end of the spectrum
-Ipsy arrives in a mailer, with a bag inside
-Birchbox arrives in a box

Which beauty box do you prefer?

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