Keeping up with a good fitness routine can be a roller coaster ride. Running three miles a day on the same 3 mile route can become extremely boring within a matter of months. When you’re stuck in a rut and unable to find motivation to exercise try switching things up a bit in order to get back on track.

My roommate and I have been doing the same workout classes every week since November. Monday we do kickboxing, Tuesday boot camp & Wednesday body works. Now that it is starting to get nice out, it’s time to do our workouts outside! I have recently started to run outside on the Monon Trail and have found it to be much easier to keep motivated with a change of scenery! I downloaded the Run Keeper App for my iPhone and couldn’t believe how much easier this makes it to track my distance and my calories burnt! 

If you to are sick of your weekly routine try switching up the machine you’re using or adding a little twist into your normal workout. If you run on the treadmill everyday, try the elliptical instead. Or try adding an interval workout into your routine, to spice it up! 

I have also found that during your workout, listen to a new artist on your phone, listen to a new book on your e-reader, or watch a movie on your smartphone. It will help pass the time, and energize you mentally in the process.

Happy Running!

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