Spring Cleaning

After my trip to Florida last week I can’t WAIT to bring my spring & summer clothes out of hibernation and box all of my heavy winter attire as far away as possible. The transition between spring and summer is the perfect time to start packing up all of your winter gear that you will not be wearing for the next several months.

This is the perfect time to reorganize your closet and take a look at the staple pieces that you already have and what it is that you need. Start by taking everything out of your closet so that you’re starting fresh and can see all of the items you have. Getting rid of items and deciding if you will wear it in the warmer seasons is the hardest step. If you have had the item for more than six months and haven’t worn it, I would say get rid of it! 

Once you have decided what you are going to box up for the season or the items you are going to get rid of start looking through items that you can fold down to create more hanging space in your closet. I like to fold up all of my t-shirts, sweatshirts, workout gear, shorts and jeans. Once you start hanging up the items make sure you are organizing by style and by color. This will make getting ready a breeze! Check out these organized closets and get inspired for some spring cleaning: 

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