What to Pack in Your Beach Bag

Before Vegas I made a post about what to pack for a 4 day vacation. If you are heading to the beach you might want to switch this list up a bit and make sure you have some added extras! This weekend while I was at home my mom and I headed to the mall to get some last minute Florida essentials.

So what do you need? Well, there are lots of essentials and there’s other stuff that’s cool, fun and will add some summer sizzle!


  1. An adorable bathing suit: I ordered three mix and match tops and bottoms off Victoria Secret 
  2. A pair of flip flops to wear down to the beach or by the pool
  3. High SPF Sun cream with a separate sun block for your face.  
  4. Floppy hat that covers your face
  5. Sunglasses
  6. Lip protector 
  7. beach bag
  8. Beach Towel
  9. A cover up
  10. Waterproof mascara

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