{ Picture from our trip last summer to Sedona, Arizona }

If you ask anyone what they wish they could do more of you usually will get the same or a similar response “I wish I could travel more.” When you remove all the excuses, few people actually do. “I don’t have enough vacation days” “It’s too expensive” I know I’ve been guilty of this too but I think many people will look back and regret not experiencing more of the world that we are living in. I have been fortunate enough to have parents who always planned family vacations, high school & college friends who loved to travel & a boyfriend who wants to experience the world together.

 Five reasons to travel more and how it will enrich your life:

 1)    Life was not meant to be ordinary. You need to start thinking of travel as an investment. The more we travel, the more we see. The more we see, the more we grow. The more we grow, the more we change and evolve.

2)    Travel will shape the way we think. Traveling will make you a better-rounded individual. By being exposed to different lifestyles and seeing different cultures, values and morals it makes us much more open minded.

3)    Memories to last a lifetime– With technology today and cameras everywhere we won’t be forgetting our travel memories any time soon. Personally, I rely on my iPhone to store all my photos and my blog to create memories I will never forget.

4)    Travel will make you richer, all the while costing you money. If there’s a time to go out and see the world, the time is now.

5)    Educate yourself

What better way to learn valuable life lessons than to see and do them for yourself? Reading about landmarks and history is one thing but to visit monumental landmarks and see them for yourself gives you a completely different perspective on historical events!

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