Saving This World

Hi! I hope everyone is having an amazing week! I sure am! They have declared that today is National White Chocolate Cheesecake Day! Since today is a “Holiday” they are allowing us to wear jeans for the second day in a row. (Or it could be the fact that people are in the process of moving cubicles so jeans are more practical)

I am sure looking forward to another relaxing weekend. I visited my parents this past weekend & found out that my dad is helping my Grandpa cross off another item on his bucket list. This coming May the two of them will be taking a trip to the Nation’s Capital to visit the World War 2 memorials. This is a one day trip to Washington D.C and upon returning back to Indiana each veteran will be welcomed back with 10 pieces of mail at random. I started sending the flier out to all of my friends, teachers & family members. I had to share with you my hands down favorite picture we have received. Hope this makes you laugh!


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