Salt in the air, sand in my hair! 🙂


Costco Dos and Donts

Last year my mom and I finally splurged and decided to split a Costco membership. It now seems that every time I go into Costco I come out with more items that what I had originally planned. I love shopping there but it can be hard at times not to overspend and to go in with a frugal mindset. The problem is that if you don’t go in with a list to follow, you find yourself with an increasingly full cart of items that you don’t necessarily need. Since most items are priced at $10.00 or more it’s hard to stay on budget. Here is a simple list of ways you can avoid spending more than you had planned.

Avoid the Samples

Ahhh this is the hardest tip for me! I love the samples at Costco just like you! It might possibly be my favorite part of the shopping experience at Costco. Having free samples entices you to buy something you might not have planned. With a full stomach and a frugal head, you can get what you came for and not make unplanned purchases while still hitting up every aisle for the free samples.

Mind Your Payment Method

I almost always use cash when shopping at Costco or my debit card that is linked directly to my checking account, as opposed to using one of the credit cards they accept. This tip helps you stay within your monthly grocery budget and be more cautious of the price of each item.

Avoid the Executive Membership

I remember the day that my mom and I signed up and the emphasis they put on going with the Executive Membership. With the membership you get a 2% reward back of most of your purchases at the end of the year, and is capped at $750. If you do the math you would have to spend about $250 per month to get more money back than what you put in

Is it really a good deal?

The problem with Costco, is that we start to think everything we see is an amazing deal. I remember my first time shopping at Costco I bought a 5lb pack of gum and thought I was getting a good deal. Who needs that much gum? Just because we think it’s a good deal doesn’t mean we need 10 gallons of something.

After our boot camp class last night I realized how easy these moves would be to replicate at home. If you’re looking for a quick 30 minute calorie burning workout that will kick your butt try this At Home Boot Camp routine

What you need: Energy, Weights, stop watch, water bottle

Start your warmup with push-ups and jumping jacks-(1 pushup then 1 jumping jack, 2 pushups 2 jumping jacks, 3 pushups 3 jumping jacks…go up to 10 then go back down 9 pushups 9 jumping jacks, 8 pushups 8 jumping jacks until you get back down to 1 pushup 1 jumping jack)

5 minutes cardio
o 1 minute running in place
o 1 minute high knees
o 1 minute jumping squats
o 1 minute jumping lounges
o 1 minute running in place

Grab your weights
o 1 minute bicep curls
o 1 minute triceps overhead

3 Minute Cario
o 1 minute running in place
o 1 minute jumping side to side
o 1 minute jumping jacks

Grab your weights
o 1 minute shoulder press
o 1 minute hammer curls

End with 3 minutes of abs
o 1 minute plank
o 1 minute bicycle
o 1 minute full crunch

Look what my Mom snagged up over the weekend. This elegant but trendy chiffon blouse with a great hummingbird pattern. It has a flattering loose cut that looks great paired with jeans or even tucked into shorts or a skirt. The best part is she even picked one up for me 🙂

What to Pack in Your Beach Bag

Before Vegas I made a post about what to pack for a 4 day vacation. If you are heading to the beach you might want to switch this list up a bit and make sure you have some added extras! This weekend while I was at home my mom and I headed to the mall to get some last minute Florida essentials.

So what do you need? Well, there are lots of essentials and there’s other stuff that’s cool, fun and will add some summer sizzle!


  1. An adorable bathing suit: I ordered three mix and match tops and bottoms off Victoria Secret 
  2. A pair of flip flops to wear down to the beach or by the pool
  3. High SPF Sun cream with a separate sun block for your face.  
  4. Floppy hat that covers your face
  5. Sunglasses
  6. Lip protector 
  7. beach bag
  8. Beach Towel
  9. A cover up
  10. Waterproof mascara

Under the Sea

I just got home from a weekend up north spent shopping with my mom for Florida attire, church with my Grandma & celebrating Miss Ellington Kate’s fourth birthday! It’s so hard to believe that she is already 4! With an under the sea mermaid theme, a taco bar and a bounce house all of the little ones were in heaven! How adorable are they?

Motivational Monday

imageHappy Monday, friends! I hope you all had a fun filled weekend and are ready for another great week ahead!

 I don’t know about you but I often find myself saying the same thing every Monday morning. After a lazy unmotivated weekend I find myself saying “I will start working out and eating healthy this week.” Come Monday morning I usually start feeling guilty about the bad foods I’ve consumed and know that I have to find that Monday morning motivation to get back on track.
This week I’m going to make a concentrated effort to clean eating and working out before I leave for Florida on Thursday. So I cleared out my fridge packed my gym bag and I am ready for a productive week! 🙂

Panini Party

Good sandwiches aren’t just for meat lovers. Ever since I bought my panini maker a couple of years back I have been beyond obsessed with making paninis for dinner every night but it’s time to think beyond a turkey panini. When it comes to sandwich fixings, you can put almost every type of topping imaginable that is available in your fridge. Everything to me is better in warm sandwich form including vegetables and different types of cheese. 

{ Turkey, Jalepenos, pepper jack cheese, avocado, hot sauce}

{ Mozz cheese, spinach and artichokes }

{ The italian panini has been our favorite lately: salami, pepperoni, jalepeno, hot sauce, spicy cheese }

Color Obsession: Pastels with Brights

Nothing says Spring like bright neon colors and soft pastels. Designers take a modern twist on the traditional for spring 2014 by pairing soft pastels with vivid brights to create a colorful equilibrium. I think the trick to pulling off pastels without looking like an easter egg, is to mix and match with other bold colors, textures and prints. I love even pairing a pastel pink with neon pink or a mint green with a bright cobalt blue. Have some fun with it!