More Blogs to Follow


You may have missed my first post of my all time favorite top 10 blogs and my most recent post here a couple weeks ago with 10 more amazing must read blogs about fashion, food and inspiration. These are blogs that I have on my reading list and suggest you take a look at!

1) A Lacey Perspective– A Lacey Perspective is a light-hearted and inspiring style blog that captures Lacey Maffettone’s personal style, love of all things feminine and fashion adventures in our Nation’s Capital.

2) Unruly Things– Unruly Things is a life-style blog updated daily with ideas, fashion finds, photography, design, and inspiration from everyday life. 

3) Katie’s Bliss– fashion, beauty and New York City

4) What Dress Code– A creative blog about a girl named Liz who loves food and fashion l with a passion for leopard print, abstract art, and red wine.

5) So Much to Smile About– Another blog about a girl named Liz who I studies law, loves taking photos, listening to live music, reciting lines from Clue, brunching, and all about her life in D.C.

6) Hosting and Toasting– Birttany is the author of this amazing lifestyle blog. She has a passion for event planning, hand written notes and classic styles mixed with trendy pieces.

7) The College Prepster– a blog about a girl named Carly living in NYC with her dog Teddy

8) Julip Made– daily posts about all things food, design, style, entertaining, beauty, and color as well as snapshots of Julie’s life in Washington, D.C. including pictures of her adorable pup, Odin.

9) Side Smile Style– Ashley a twenty something year old blogger living in Dallas Texas

10) Spoon Fork Bacon– and of course last but not least an amazing food blog with all sorts of goodies…it will leave you drooling!

Oh, and don’t forget to check out my new Daily Reads page that I have added to my blog!!

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