14 Day of Valentine’s Day!

How in the world is today already February 1st? I’m going to be cliche and make this post all about Valentine’s Day. I decided to do 14 days of Valentine’s Day for Jake, using templates from this blog! A lot of these ideas are super cheesy and make no sense, but I bought things that Jake likes/needs.


Day 1: It’s a “treat” being your valentine. For this day buy your Valentine his favorite treat:  chocolate, gummy bears, candy, anything goes for this one!
Day 2: Howdy Partner- What are the chances I have a “shot” at being your valentine? I splurged on this one and bought him golf balls. You could do shot glasses, a small bottle of alcohol, a nerf gun.. the possibilities are endless!
Day 3: You are one “hot tamale”!
Come to think of it, I am not even sure if Jake likes tamales. I couldn’t pass up the dollar box of hot tamales that went perfect with this saying.
Day 4: I printed off this Valentine’s Coupon Book… Inside is filled with date ideas! 

Day 5: You “ROCK” my world. For this one you can get creative pop rocks is what I used!

Day 6: Ive got a crush on you! For this one you can get a 6 pack of orange crush!
Day 7:“A little birdie told me that you were looking for a Valentine… How about you “chews” me…I tied mine to his favorite type of gum
Day 8: Love Potion no. 9 There is no hiding that this boy is obsessed with hot sauce. I tied this quote around a bottle of Franks hot sauce which he smothers on all of his food
Day 9: I “heart” you.
You could get the conversation hearts, or anything valentine-y with hearts on it for this one. Instead I went a total different route and got him more condiments. BBQ sauce!
Day 10: “10 things I love about you”
I got this container from the Target for a dollar! I  cut up 10 pieces of paper, wrote 1 reason I love him on each piece, folded them up and put them inside!
Day 11: You make my heart “bounce” I got popcorn for this day. You could get really cheesy and give him bouncy balls!
Day 12: ”I love your more than Chocolate”  Obviously I tied this one to a chocolate bar 
Day 13: I’m so “fortunate” to have you. For this one I wanted to do fortune cookies instead I wrapped up a can opener because I hate the old one that hardly works at his apartment ha!
Day 14: Have a great day “cupcake” I wanted to make cupcakes for this day but Jake doesn’t love his sweets as much as I do so I wouldve probably been the one to eat it. The last day I bought him a pack of boxers!

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