I love to shop but I can’t stand paying full price for anything.
Don’t get me wrong I’m no extreme coupon-er, but I love finding things on sale! Maybe it comes from having frugal parents or maybe it comes from the satisfaction I get from saving my money.

The first sweater is a navy blue Aztec sweater from Franchescas that I received as a Birthday gift from my friend Morgan! I am obsessed with this gift! It fits perfect, is extremely thick and warm and goes great with jeans and brown boots!

The second and third item are basic sweaters, gray and neon pink, from The Gap. I was skeptical at first but loved the way they fit once I tried them on. Being longer in the back will make them a perfect top to pair with leggings on a comfy day. The original price for these two sweaters were $54.95 each and I purchased them for $17.99 each!

Lastly, this amazing black and white cardigan originally $80.95 and I walked away with it for $20.99! Happy shopping my friends!

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