Revisiting A Favorite Post: The Sockbun

  • Gently comb your hair back and away from your face
  • Depending on your bun preference, whether it be high or low, create a tight ponytail. 
  • Take a clean sock and cut the tip of it off, where your toes would normally fit in
  • Roll the sock up into a scrunchie
  • Slide the sock scrunchie onto your ponytail so that the entire ponytail is coming out through the hole
  • Press the sock bun scrunchie firmly down your ponytail to your head, fan out your ponytail so that it covers the entire sock and begin folding the hair in your ponytail over the sock scrunchie
  • Carefully tuck in any stray hairs that have not been folded in while rolling your ponytail into the bun; secure with bobby pins

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