Happy Wednesday! I think I say this every week but I cannot believe that it is already mid-week and we are getting so close to the weekend! Here goes another post about food!  I promise this isn’t turning into a food blog, but this time it is about delicious, cheap cajun cuisine in the Indianapolis area that you must try if you haven’t already! If you’re a food lover like me, love an assortment of hot sauces and live in the Indy area you must try Yats.

I gave it a chance a little over a year ago after hearing all of the hype from my friends who raved about the fast food pricing and amazing food. Obviously, it’s a no brainer and I have been going there regularly ever since.

I never stray away from ordering the half B&B and half Chili Cheese. Their menu varies from day to day they do not always offer these two items on there menu. Last Sunday when Jake and I went for lunch I ventured out and tried the drunken chicken and white chicken chili.

The Drunken Chicken was delicious. It consisted of pulled chicken, garlic, tomato puree, and red pepper and the White Chicken Chili was amazing as well.  Be forewarned these dishes are much spicier than most on the menu and I still manage to drench it in siracha. Each menu item is served with two pieces of french bread. Two sizable entrees with bread and two soft drinks ran us only 14 dollars total.  Happy Hump Day, Followers!  


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